Entry #11

This year's plans

2012-01-09 09:49:19 by th1rt3en

Needed a new news post, so why not have something about animation plans for the new year, said I.

Currently my animation and filmmaking talents are dedicated to the projects being developed by Toonwerks. Mainly the Wonders of the Universe series. We're having a lot of fun creatively developing characters, story, and a fictional universe for it. It's been good practice for understanding story structure and other techniques for making a cohesive episode.

In terms of solo works, while I have ideas and some unfinished toons, there's nothing currently planned. I'd like to try and participate in this year's Newgrounds competitions and holiday flash dumps, so I'm going to make an effort to make some shorts for those. I want to put what I learned in my film studies to good use.



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